Sunday School Notes

A Tale of Two Cities

Last Words

Getting The Picture

Christian Courageous

How To Have A Healthy Church

One Man In Crete

Orders From headquarters

Order In The Church

How To Be A Man Of God

Follow The Leaders

The Medical Evidence

Stay On The Job

A Great Life In Review

The Way Of All Earth


We Have Met Our Enemy And He Is Our Neighbor

Turning Defeat Into Victory

Defeat In the Land of Victory

The Conquest Begins!

What Is A Friend

Preparing For Victory

Forward by Faith

Be Strong, Chapter 3

How to study the Bible, part 1

How to study the Bible, part 2

Be Strong, Chapter 1

Be Strong, Introduction

What Do You Know For Sure?

Love, Honor and Obey

Getting to the Bottom of Love

Love or Death

The Pretenders

Truth or Consequences


The Love God Hates

Something Old, Something New

Walking and Talking

It is Real

Christmas Prophecy

Man On The Move

When Christians Disagree

Right Relationships Means Right Living

God Is Not Though With Israel

The Wrong Righteousness

Did God Make a Mistake?

Faith and Fulfillment

Christians and the Law

Dying to Live

Live Like a King

Father Abraham

When God Gives Up

Ready For Rome

The Marks of Freedom

The Liberty of Love

The Fifth Freedom

Stop! Thief!

Meet Your Mother


Its Time to Grow Up

The Logic of Law

Be Free, Chapter 1

Be Free, Chapter 2

Bewitched and Bothered

Freedom Fighter 2

Confronting An Angry Person

Christmas 2010

History of Easter

Holy of Holies

Be Transformed, Chapter 1

Be Transformed, Chapter 2

Be Transformed, Chapter 3

Be Transformed, Chapter 4

Be Transformed, Chapter 6

Be Transformed, Chapter 7

Be Transformed, Chapter 8

Be Transformed, Chapter 9

Be Transformed, Chapter 10

Be Transformed, Chapter 11

Be Transformed, Chapter 12

Be Alive, Chapter 1

Be Alive, Chapter 2

Be Alive, Chapter 3

Be Alive, Chapter 4

Be Alive, Chapter 5

Be Alive, Chapter 6

Be Alive, Chapter 7

Be Alive, Chapter 8

Be Alive, Chapter 9

Be Alive, Chapter 10

Be Alive, Chapter 11

Be Ready, Chapter 1

Be Ready, Chapter 2

Be Ready, Chapter 3

Be Ready, Chapter 4

Be Ready, Chapter 5

Be Ready, Chapter 6

Be Ready, Chapter 7

Be Ready, Chapter 8

Be Ready, Chapter 9

Be Ready, Chapter 10

Be Ready, Chapter 11

Be Ready, Chapter 12

Be Mature, Chapter 1

Be Mature, Chapter 2

Be Mature, Chapter 3

Be Mature, Chapter 4

Be Mature, Chapter 5

Be Mature, Chapter 6

Be Mature, Chapter 7

Be Mature, Chapter 8

Be Mature, Chapter 9

Be Mature, Chapter 10

Be Mature, Chapter 11

Be Mature, Chapter 12

Be Mature, Chapter 13

Blessed Are the Righteous

Christms Symbols

Santa Claus