History of DLBC

History from 1980 to present

In 1976 Jesus Christ revealed His will to David Hanson three times until he yielded to accept his will to establish a church for the deaf by faith to glorify Him someday. Then Jesus Christ showed David Hanson the Book of Nehemiah in the Old Testament three times about building up the ministry to the deaf in the Kansas City Area.

On January 20, 1980 Jesus Christ amazingly moved the deaf people out of Northeast Baptist Church and Temple Deaf College of Kansas City. Three deaf men, the members, formed a church for the deaf at Whatsoever Circle Community House at 1201 Ewing in Kansas City, Missouri. There were over 40 deaf people. They asked David Hanson to be their pastor, and he accepted this offer. Jesus Christ motivated these deaf people to build up the ministry to the deaf in the Kansas City Area.

On January 27, 1980 the deaf Christians of this church voted to name the church “Deaf Liberty Baptist Church” according to 2 Corinthians 3:17 because Jesus Christ had given them liberty to serve Him through His Spirit.

In March 1980 Jesus Christ called David Hanson unexpectedly to be the full-time pastor of the Deaf Liberty Baptist Church according to Nehemiah 2:18 and Daniel 12:9. He became the full-time pastor three weeks later.

On May 23, 1980 Deaf Liberty Baptist Church was incorporated in the State of Missouri. Later DLBC became a foreign corporation of the State of Kansas on March 27, 1995.

Deaf Liberty Baptist Church moved and rented park memorial Seventh Day Adventist Church at 500 S. Chelsea in Kansas City, Missouri in September 1980. Then DLBC moved and rented the church annex of Red Bridge Baptist Church at 4901 E. Red Bridge Road in Kansas City, Missouri on January 3, 1988. Then DLBC moved and rented the fellowship hall of Leawood Baptist Church at 8200 State Line Road in Leawood Kansas on October 2, 1994. Then DLBC moved and has been renting the church of North Overland Baptist Church at 7910 W. 75th in Overland Park, Kansas since May 1, 1998.  Till January 13, 2014, DLBC owned the church building from North Overland Baptist Church at same location.

Teddy Chang and Ronald Bagby became the first deacons of Deaf Liberty Baptist Church on November 13, 1983. Teddy Chang became the first elder of DLBC on August 26, 1990. Dr. Vernon Miller, a deaf missionary in Peru, South America, ordained David Hanson on August 11, 1991.

Mark Truitt became second pastor of DLBC after David Hanson on February 1, 2015.